Inpat (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

INPAT is a global leader in providing cutting-edge packaging machines, innovative desiccant solutions, and premium pet products. With an extensive international presence, we are committed to delivering excellence and meeting the diverse needs of our clients worldwide.

INPAT Desiccant Products 
Moisture control is crucial for preserving product integrity and extending shelf life. INPAT offers high-quality desiccant products that effectively absorb moisture, ensuring the freshness and quality of packaged goods. Our desiccants are available in various formats, including sachets, bags and can be customized to meet specific moisture control needs.

INPACK Packaging Machines and Solutions
We offer a comprehensive range of advanced packaging machines designed to optimize efficiency and productivity. Our machines are capable of handling various packaging formats, including pouches, bottles, cartons, and more. We cater to industries such as food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and consumer goods, providing tailored solutions that ensure reliable and secure packaging.

INPAT has established a strong presence in the global market, with branches and strategic partnerships in numerous countries. Our international network allows us to provide localized support, efficient logistics, and responsive after-sales services. We value long-term collaborations with our clients and strive to meet their unique requirements in every market we serve.

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