Did you know that? “Desiccant” has many benefits


Did you know that? “Desiccant” has many benefits

9 Benefits of Desiccants

  1. Reduce humidity and odor in luggage and travel shoes.
    Storing wet clothes in the bag An easy way to do this is to store wet clothes separately in a zip-lock bag or sealable bag with silica gel. In addition to preventing moisture from going out, it also reduces the dampness of clothes. Including preventing unwanted odors as well and can be applied to damp shoes as well

  2. Keep photos for a long time.
    If you have a large collection of photos and want to maintain the same quality It should be stored with a desiccant. It will help maintain the quality of the photos as well.

  3. Keep damp exercise equipment clean.
    Exercising will inevitably cause sweat or humidity. If you still keep stuffy gym equipment in your bag after your workout. Those moisture will breed many bacteria. These problems will go away if you put a few pieces of desiccant in it.

  4. Prevent stains on metal appliances.
    Some metals may not react to rust. But there is a chance that there will be stains. Using desiccant silica gel packets is a great way to keep metal or silverware shiny.

  5. Help maintain the quality of diamonds and gemstones.
    For those who like the sparkle of diamonds and gemstones, you should have a desiccant because moisture is an important factor that causes diamonds and jewelry to dull and deteriorate. Therefore, adding a desiccant will help maintain the glitter as well.

  6. Help maintain the camera.
    Choosing a location and a good way to keep the camera that is not damp Storing the camera with silica gel reduces humidity. Which is why it may cause problems with the lens and the camera as well, so be sure to carry a silica gel pack in your bag or camera storage, it's very good.

  7. Preserve dry food
    Silica gel can preserve food in our kitchen from moisture. We can preserve food by placing silica gel packets in dry food packaging that does not require moisture. Just this, the fungus will not grow on the food anymore.

  8. Eliminate the musty smell that occurs with documents / preserve old books / protect important documents.
    The damp problem of old books that have been stored for a long time also shortens the life of books or important documents. Therefore, placing the desiccant sachet in the filing cabinet or bookshelf. It will help prevent documents and books from being damaged.

  9. How to maintain the quality of medicines or vitamins?
    Place a desiccant sachet inside a pharmaceutical or vitamin product to maintain quality and prevent mold growth.

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